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Cabin Crew / Air Hostess


Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) is affiliated with the Ministry of education, the government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh.

In 1960 the Directorate of Technical Education was established for development of technical and vocational education. The Directorate of Technical Education initiated rapid development and expansion works of degree, diploma and trade-level technical education in the country. The need to establish a “Statutory Board” was keenly felt to cope with the increasing magnitude of academic activities. A statutory body namely “The East Pakistan Technical Education Board” was established through Act. No. 1 of 1967 of the then East Pakistan Assembly, which is how Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). Thus the Bangladesh Technical Education Board came into existence with the jurisdiction over the entire area of Bangladesh to organize, supervise, regulate, control and develop technical and vocational education. The Board in its present form became operative with effect from June 1969.

 Admission going on  please collect admission form our permanent campus at Uttara
 Name of Course  Air Hostess / Cabin crew- short course
 Minimum Requirement  SSC/O-Level Minimum
 Course Duration  3/6 Months

The Cabin Crew Diploma course consists of 18 separate modules with a test at the end of each module.

The modules on the cabin crew course contain information on what you will be typically expected to learn on joining an airline for the position of cabin crew. By completing this cabin crew diploma course, you will not only have an advantage when you start your initial cabin crew training, but you will also greatly improve your chances of being employed as a flight attendant or cabin crew. The course has actually been created by our partner airlines. Many students who have completed our course say the confidence gained through completing it was invaluable when in an airline interview situation.

The cabin crew diploma lets you gain a deeper knowledge of the role of cabin crew, and it will also be much easier for you to complete the airlines full aircrew training program once you are employed. Once you complete the course, we have an automated application system to help you get an interview as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please Email us.

Employment Opportunity

  • Air hostess in different airlines
  • Cabin attendants in aircraft
  • Junior purser, Senior purser, Chief Purser of airlines industries
  • Aviation officers in different airlines
  • Cabin Crew Manager in different airlines
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Front Desk officer in airlines and in Tourism sector
  • Travel/Tourist guide

Department Contact Info

Professional Course

House# 16, Road# 04, Sector# 03,(Near Rajlokhi Market) Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mobile: +880 1749-306090


Sat – Thu  9:00AM – 6:00PM (open)

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List of Competences

List of course is also designed to enhance the basic and common knowledge, skills and attitudes of individual in the field of Aviation & Hospitality.

a) (i) Basic competencies

  • Receive and respond, participate and lead to workplace communication.
  • Work with others, team environment and lead small team.
  • Demonstrate work values, practice career professionalism and develop & practice negotiation skills.
  • Practice housekeeping procedures, occupational health and safety procedure and solve problem related to work activities.
  • Personal manner

a) (ii) Efficiently communicate in English

  • Speak in English with confidence.
  • Communicate with target persons effectively.
  • Understanding the speech of English users.
  • Achieve better professional performance.

b) Common competencies

  • Air hostess
  • Cabin Attendants
  • Junior purser, senior purser, chief purser
  • Aviation safety Officers
  • Cabin Crew Manager
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Front Desk Officer

c) Core competencies

  • Aviation and Airlines safety
  • Communication with the passengers
  • First Aid Knowledge
  • Emergency situation tackling
  • Customer service
  • Quality control
  • Hygienic food management
  • Hospitality Management and tourism
  • Human behavior and performance
  • Passenger handling
  • Ground service
  • Cargo handling in passenger aircraft
  • Flight Safety

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