Department of Aeronautical Engineering

BSc in Aeronautical Engineering

Minimum Requirement:

  • HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) / A-Level (Group: Science)

About B.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering

This curriculum prepares the graduates for a career in the global aeronautical engineering industries, government agencies and other relevant job sectors. The graduates are provided with a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, aeronautics and other relevant courses including the regulations of international aviation industry. To complete this Bachelor’s Degree, students must complete a total of 138 credits at least in 4 years including a practical project of six(6) credits in the final semester.

  • Total semester : 8
  • Course duration: 4 Years
  • Total credit : 138

Career field: Airlines, Airport, Civil aviation, Satellite, Aircraft Manufacturing company, MRO, Aviation institution, NASA, Mechanical related field etc.

First year (semester: 1-1)

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
GE1English I (English Composition)3
A1Engineering Physics3
A3Engineering Mathematics I3
ME5Mechanics of Flight3

First year (semester: 1-2)

CodeCourse NameCredits
GE2English II3
AS1Engineering Mathematics II3
BUS7Engineering Economics3
CS15Computer Programming (C & C++)3
CHM01Engineering Chemistry3

Second year (semester: 2- 1)

CodeCourse NameCredits
A5Electrical Engineering3
A9Engineering Drawing3

Second year (semester: 2-2)

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
A6Fluid Mechanics3
ME03Materials Science & Composite Materials3
AS4Propulsion I3
A10Workshop Technology3
AS4Fundamentals of Electronics3

Third year (semester: 3-1)

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
A4Strength of Materials3
AS8Propulsion II3
LS2Aircraft General Systems3
LS3Aircraft Avionics System3
AME110Aviation Legislation3
G015Marketing Principle3

Third year (semester: 3-2)

CodeCourse NameCredits
A9Aircraft Structures I3
AS6Flight Stability & Aircraft Control Systems3
LS8Aircraft Instrument systems3
AME109Human Factors3
OS15Non-Destructive Testing3
AME107Aircraft Maintenance Practices3

Fourth year (semester: 4-1)

CodeCourse NameCredits
AS7Aircraft Design3
AE9Aircraft structures II3
OS25Industrial Engineering3
A7Microprocessor & Software Engineering3
OS5Computer Aided Design3
ES6Engineering Project3

Fourth year (Semester: 4-2)

CodeCourse NameCredits
PS2Gas Dynamics3
AVM1005Aviation Management3
OS13Computational Fluid Dynamics3
OS17Quality Assurance3
MAG4131Helicopter Aerodynamics3
GE018Principles Of Management3
B001Practical Bachelor Project6