Message from the Principal

Wright brothers made the first flying machine in the early years of century 1906. Within a short span of around 100 years since its invention, the extend of development of this Aviation technology has attained tremendous height. Along with this development came the rise of Aeronautical Engineering as an exciting and new distinct discipline of education. This has been marked as an event in 1914, when a course of Aeronautical Engineering has been introduced in the University curriculum.

Usual process of technological development includes educating man behind the machine who is going to work and maintain those machines that are going to work and maintain those machines for safe and fault free operation for both users and inventors.

Based with this concept the United College of Aviation, Science & Management has been established where skills are to be acquired not only in the class rooms but also through hands on experiences. Unfortunately we are lagging behind in the race of Aviation education in our country. Concerned local authority’s conservative concept impedes the progress of these types of institutions. However our indomitable efforts will definitely overcome those impedances.

We have chosen the best quality faculty members mostly holding degrees from abroad having vast experience in this field.

The College envisages being a leader in academic system by providing excellence in education.

Our program will enable the students for a wide exposure to the industrial interface and live projects. Students will get the actual experience on the job, how to lead and execute assignments which are part of our unique program structure.

United College of Aviation Science and Management is committed to steer ahead in imparting world class education in the field of Aeronautical Science and other related fields to bridge the gap in Bangladesh compared to other countries of the world. We will put our ultimate endeavor to reach a new height and level of education in Aviation sector.

May God bless us to fulfill our mission.