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BSc in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Why Study Computer Science and Engineering

Studying computer science and engineering is a gateway to a world of innovation and problem-solving. This field nurtures creativity, fosters logical thinking, and equips individuals with the skills to design, develop, and optimize both software and hardware systems. Beyond its versatility and applicability across diverse industries, pursuing this discipline opens doors to abundant job opportunities with competitive salaries. It empowers individuals to contribute to technological advancements, engage in entrepreneurship, and have a global impact on society. The dynamic nature of the field ensures a continuous learning journey, keeping professionals at the forefront of the latest developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and other cutting-edge domains. In essence, studying computer science and engineering provides a foundation for personal and professional growth in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


The B.Sc. Program in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is meticulously crafted to yield proficient graduates capable of meeting the escalating demands for computer engineering expertise both domestically and internationally. This program offers students a chance to acquire comprehensive knowledge in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, while also allowing them the flexibility to customize their academic journey based on individual preferences and requirements. This adaptability ensures that graduates are well-equipped with a diverse skill set, preparing them to navigate the dynamic landscape of computer science and engineering in a rapidly evolving global context.

Eligibility for Admission

Candidates must have passed both the SSC and HSC exams in science with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the SSC and HSC exams and a minimum GPA of 3.00 in either one of the Higher Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry courses to be eligible to apply.
Alternatively, students who pass the A-level exam must pass at least two subjects and receive a “B” in one subject. A “B” in three subjects is required for completing the O-level exam, and at least four subjects must be passed.

Academic Procedures

The Bachelor of CSE program is a professional undergraduate program for individual, who plan to develop their career as junior level IT Professionals. The primary emphasis of the program is to develop knowledge and skills among the Candidates to undertake practical operations of business enterprises. This program will also be helpful to those who plan their career in Government, Semi-government and non-government organizations. The objective of the CSE Professional Program is complete grooming of a student’s personality by providing a balanced study in the field of business and other related subjects. The purpose is to devel- op an executive personality and to produce strong operative skills among the graduates so that they can carry out organizational functions effectively. The following section describes the specific contents of the CSE Professional Program entry and graduation requirements.

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Course plan

BSc in Computer Science and Engineering

CSE Professional Program is a four-year program where teaching and examination of allocated courses for a specific semester would be finished within six months. Students will automatically be transferred to the next semester after examination pending the result. The basic structure of the four-year CSE Professional Program is as follows:

  Course Duration     4 years  
  Total Semester    8  
  Total credit    138  


Semester I

 S.N.   Course Code   Course Title   Credit Hours 
 1  510201  Structured Programming Language  3.0
 2  510202  Structured Programming Language Lab  1.5
 3  510203  Electrical and Electronic Circuit  3.0
 4  510204  Electrical and Electronic Circuit Lab  1.5
 5  510205  Calculus  3.0
 6  510207  Physics  3.0
 7  510209  English  3.0
     Total Credits in 1st Semester  18.0

Semester II

 S.N.   Course Code   Course Title   Credit Hours 
 1  510221  Digital Systems Design  3.0
 2  510222  Digital Systems Lab  1.5
 3  510223  Discrete Mathematics  3.0
 4  510225  Linear Algebra  3.0
 5  510227  Statistics and Probability  3.0
 6  510229  History of the Emergence of Independent Bangladesh  3.0
     Total Credits in 2nd Semester  16.5


Semester III

 S.N.   Course Code   Course Title   Credit Hours 
 1  520201  Data Structure  3.0
 2  520202  Data Structure Lab  1.5
 3  520203  Object Oriented Programming  3.0
 4  520204  Object Oriented Programming Lab  1.5
 5  520205  Computer Architecture  3.0
 6  520207  Ordinary Differential Equation  3.0
 7  520209  Fundamental of Business Studies  3.0
     Total Credits in 3rd Semester  18.0

Semester IV

 S.N.   Course Code   Course Title   Credit Hours 
 1  520221  Database Management System  3.0
 2  520222  Database Management System Lab  1.5
 3  520223  Microprocessor and Assembly Language  3.0
 4  520224  Microprocessor and Assembly Language Lab  1.5
 5  520225  Design and Analysis of Algorithms  3.0
 6  520226  Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab  1.5
 7  520227  Numerical Analysis  3.0
 Total Credits in 4th Semester  16.5


Semester V

 S.N.   Course Code   Course Title   Credit Hours 
 1  530201  Peripheral and Interfacing  3.0
 2  530202  Peripheral and Interfacing Lab  1.5
 3  530203  Data and Telecommunications  3.0
 4  530204  Data and Telecommunications Lab  1.5
 5  530205  Operating System  3.0
 6  530206  Operating System Lab  1.5
 7  530207  Economics  3.0
 Total Credits in 5th Semester  16.5

Semester VI

 S.N.   Course Code   Course Title   Credit Hours 
 1  530219  Software Engineering  3.0
 2  530220  Software Engineering Lab  1.5
 3  530221  Computer Networking  3.0
 4  530222  Computer Networking Lab  1.5
 5  530223  Embedded System Programming  3.0
 6  530224  Embedded System Programming Lab  1.5
 7  530225  Theory of Computation  3.0
 Total Credits in 6th Semester  16.5


Semester VII

 S.N.   Course Code   Course Title   Credit Hours 
 1  540201  Artificial Intelligence  3.0
 2  540202  Artificial Intelligence Lab  1.5
 3  540203  Compiler Design and Construction  3.0
 4  540204  Compiler Design Lab  1.5
 5  540205  Computer Graphics  3.0
 6  540206  Computer Graphics Lab  1.5
 7  540207  E-Commerce and Web Engineering  3.0
 8  540208  E-Commerce and Web Engineering Lab  1.5
 Total Credits in 7th Semester  18.0

Semester VIII

 S.N.   Course Code   Course Title   Credit Hours 
     Major Theory Courses  
 1  540219  Network and Information Security  3.0
 2  540220  Network and Information Security Lab  1.5
 3  540221  Information System Management  3.0
     Project/Industry Attachment  
 4  540222  Project/Industry Attachment  6.0
     Optional Course (any one) 3.0
 5  540223  Simulation and Modeling  
 6  540225  Parallel and Distributed Systems  
 7  540227  Digital Signal Processing  
 8  540229  Digital Image Processing  
 9  540231  Multimedia  
 10  540233  Pattern Recognition  
 11  540235  Design and Analysis of VLSI Systems  
 12  540237  Micro-controller and Embedded System  
 13  540239  Cyber Law and Computer Forensic  
 14  540241  Natural Language Processing  
 15  540243  System Analysis and Design  
 16  540245  Optical Fiber Communication  
 17  540247  Human Computer Interaction  
 18  540249  Graph Theory  
     Optional Course Lab (Any one) 1.5
 19  540224  Simulation and Modeling Lab  
 20  540226  Parallel and Distributed Systems Lab  
 21  540228  Digital Signal Processing Lab  
 22  540230  Digital Image Processing Lab  
 23  540232  Multimedia Lab  
 24  245034  Pattern Recognition Lab  
 25  540236  Design and Testing of VLSI Systems Lab  
 26  540238  Micro-controller and Embedded System Lab  
 27  540240  Cyber Law and Computer Forensics Lab  
 28  540242  Natural Language Processing Lab  
 29  540244  System Analysis and Design Lab  
 30  540246  Optical Fiber Communication Lab  
 31  540248  Human Computer Interaction Lab  
 32  540250  Graph Theory Lab  
     Total Credits in 8th Semester  18.0

BSc in Computer Science and Engineering has been offered by United College of Aviation, Science & Management with considerable success since 2009.

Course plan