Omar Sultan Foundation

The great son of Chittagong, Chondonaish Thana in Bangladesh Alhaz M Nurul Amin has established "Omar Sultan Foundation" for the development of society and country. This is a non-political charitable organization which offers scholarship to poor and meritorious students across the country.

OS City group of Industries consists of 14 textiles, apparel, knitting & dyeing units and shipping lines. The OS City group since its establishment has been contributing to the educational institutes and students to create a 'Digital Bangladesh', skilled and efficient nation. This group extends its hands to top ranked Bangladeshi Universities for a better and quality education and also help the poor and economically dissolvent students of Bangladesh. 'Omar Sultan Foundation Computer Lab' at Dhaka University and 'Omar Sultan Dental Department' at USTC, Chittagong are 02 mention worthy recent donations of OS City Group.

United College of Aviation, Science and Management is a sister concern of OS City Group. The group dreams to make this UCASM as a complete world class standard university soon.

Some more contributions of Omar Sultan Foundation:

  • Micro Credit Program: to economically develop the villages.
  • Students Micro Credit Program: to help poor but meritorious students
  • Youth development Project: to help jobless youth to become self dependant person.
  • Scholarships for poor students: to offer scholarship for poor and brilliant students.
  • Omar Sultan vocational trainings: to arrange vocational training for young generation who are fully or medium educated but jobless and provide them job in different sectors of Omar Sultan foundation.
  • Omar Sultan Medical Services: to ensure health services for lower income people.
  • Establish import based industries for rural people.

Few Memorable Moments of the founder Alhaz M.Nurul Amin.

The trustee of Omar Sultan Foundation Alhaj M Nurul Amin and the V.C. of Dhaka University. Establish a Computer Lab for the department of Banking and Finance at Dhaka University.
The Prime Minister of Bangladesh is giving a Crest to the trustee of Omar Sultan Foundation Alhaj M Nurul Amin. The trustee of Omar Sultan Foundation Alhaj M Nurul Amin with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina.