Seminar on " Career in Freelancing"

Seminar by- Codertrust, Date: 28-11-2015

Last 25th November 2015, the Dept. of CSE , UCASM has organised a seminar on "Career in Freelancing" which was open for all students of UCASM. Here the speakers were Morten Lynggaard, Business Developer, Coderstrust and his topic was "Motivation & Introduction about CodersTrust" , Maruf Hasan Bulbul , Project Manager IT and his topic was " Technical presentation about Freelancing" and Md Ataul Goni Osmani, Business Developer and he finally ends this program with Question & Answer Session with participants.

The Seminar was successfully completed with the participation of 50 students, Honorable faculty members and our Principal Md. Ali. Coderstrust emphasis their speech on how a new one can starts his journey in a freelancing and how one can develops his career through Freelancing. They were also encourages students about learning different programming languages, platform and advised them to take programming hobby as their passion.

Coderstrust presents the "Hour of Code"-9th Dec, 2015

CodersTrust Presents “THE HOUR OF CODE” – The biggest & daylong social awareness event to teach computer science to people ages 6-106 hosted by United College of Aviation Science & Management, Department of Computer Science & Engineering. The event contained three consecutive sessions, each was two hours long. Different colleges and universities student participated and made the event successful. The event got some real talents who were treated with honors, international certificate & many more. Here UCASM sharing some moments of the event.